Sunday, May 19, 2013

The First Solar Car 1960 - Around for 53 years available to no one.

So check this out.. The worlds first Solar Powered Car!. Look how fast it's driving!!! What is going on here? They have had solar cars for 53+ years! Yet THEY FORCE US TO DRIVE OIL DRIVEN CARS.... I am going to go ahead an call this one... A conspiracy fact. They suppress free energy and this 100% proves it. Get on board the solar train. I am seriously going to go make me a solar car. Skrew you all. ;) I am going to make a solar car though.

So... How many of you does this shock into action? I mean I know a lot of you are clever and know many things about free energy - tesla etc.. but it's time we take this into action. Demand solar. Get involved. If you live in the UK you should be checking out the most reputable company Engensa - They have been opening our eyes to many home and business adaptations that use renewable energy to save and in most cases earn an extra income for helping the planet become suistainable.

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